Pınar > Our Values


Our consumers and customers have top priority
In all our units, we perceive quickly and accurately the requirements of our consumers and domestic and foreign customers, to show an agile, proactive and innovative approach in meeting their changing expectations for a better life.


Our operational perfectionism
The basis of our understanding of operational excellency is given by the efficient use of technology in every field, by pure business processes, the systematic of doing defined business, our systems of fast decision taking based on data. Agility is one of our basic competencies.


Our Human Resources
In the light of our torch of science, unity and success, we believe, that our human resources, who has a high education, experience, sense of belonging and ownership, open to all developments based on science, appreciating sharing of information and team spirit and who has adopted the understanding of participating management and success-oriented working, is one of our most important values.


Our ethics
In each geography, we are active, we respect social, political and cultural values and act in line and act limpidly with the laws and business ethics. We give great importance to honesty, open communication and fair management.


Our environmental and social responsibility
We produce by caring the environment and the nature and contribute to create a better future than today. With the sense of social responsibility, we continue our tradition to support contemporary education, sports, culture and art to increase social life quality.