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Pinar Beyaz

Pınar Beyaz is a 100% fresh cheese obtained from maturing the cream obtained from the cow milk with the cheese culture. It is tasteful and light. It does not contain any type of vegetable oils and preservatives. Pınar Beyaz offered firstly to the Turkish consumers in 1989 is manufactured under high technology of Pınar and at best hygienic conditions, under the audit of food engineers by continuous controls.

Pinar Kahvalti Keyfi

Pınar Kahvaltı Keyfi brings the tastes for a good start to the day and making you enjoy your breakfast with your beloved ones to your tables. With its white cheese series in the product portfolio, Pınar Kahvaltı Keyfi continues to be the most important nutrient of your breakfasts, favoured by everybody in the family and with its light and ideal texture.