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The initial steps of the Yaşar Group were taken by a young Durmuş Yaşar, when he started to sell boat and marine supplies in Rhodes. In 1927, he progressed to opening his first shop, named ‘Durmuş Yaşar Müessesesi,’ which sold marine supplies and paints in the Seritçiler Çarşısı in Izmir.


By 1941, Durmuş Yaşar had moved into manufacturing, with the establishment of Turkey’s first paint workshop. There he started to produce Turkey’s first domestic paint products, namely ‘Yaşarin’ and ‘Hazırlanmış Boya’. From these modest beginnings, the business evolved again in 1945, when together with his son, Selçuk Yaşar, they looked to accelerate their expansion plans, and scale up their successful business model. 1945 also marks the start of the Yasar Group.


Industrialization in Turkey started in the 1940s and continued with increasing momentum into the 1950s…
In line with the industrialisation of the country, Durmus Yasar worked together with his sons to establish the first painting manufacturing facility in the Bornova region of Izmir in 1954. The same year was also the birth year of the DYO brand. +More


The breakthrough years for the Yasar Group…
The knowledge and experience of the paint industry that was gained by the company in the 60s, was carried over into the 80s, with the establishment in 1984 of ‘Middle East (Ortadoğu) KVK’, a joint venture with the Danish company, Kemiks Vaerk Koege, which produces dyes and supplementary products for the textile industry +More

List of first:

  • Micronized Mineral Facility – 1965
  • Printing Ink Production – 1968
  • Privately-owned Milk Production Plant, Pınar Süt – 1973


The Yasar Group continues to be a strong contributor to the Turkish economy with its rich portfolio of products and outstanding services. In 1987, Turkey’s first fish feed production facility was established. Then in 1996, the Group started producing tissue paper.

In 1997, Turkey’s first integrated turkey facility was set up, encompassing the complete cycle of egg production to the packaging of the final products, ready for distribution to the shop shelves. The same year marks the kick-off of operation at Desa Enerji, the Group’s investment into the energy sector with a view to supply uninterrupted energy to its companies


In 2001, the Yaşar Group founded Yaşar University, making one of the most significant contributions to the education sector in Turkey. In the bottled water business, the Yaşar Group has increased its production capacity in recent years and achieved rapid growth +More

With its 21 companies, four of which rank amongst Turkey’s largest 500 companies, 24 factories and plants, employment for more than 7500 people, and a business model to deliver its products and services that encompasses over 1,000 dealers and 200,000 retailers, Yaşar Holding today features as one of Turkey’s leading economic players. In addition to the economy, the Yasar Group is committed to support the social and cultural development of Turkish society +More